Our services

REAL ESTATE : our skills and services...

  • Real Estate transactions

    Private Mansions, castles, luxury homes, apartments, villas, chalets, buildings, office, retail shops, hotels...
  • Rental management (short or long term)

    Full management of your rental asset portfolio with services (short and long term rentals). Full relocation services.
  • Assets and Tax Management

    Constitution, transmission, asset arbitration, tax optimization advice.
  • Rental investment and profitability

    Creation, constitution and optimization of an asset portfolio with rental profitability.
  • Renovation & Decoration

    Estimates, management and follow-up of all types of work.
  • Expertise of market value

    Elaboration of precise and complete reports, patrimonial assessment.

COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES : our particularities...

  • Concierge & V.I.P. Services

    Available 24 hours a day, 7 languages spoken, cars with drivers, reservations and ticketing, hotels, planes, helicopters, motorcycles, boats, restaurants...
  • Leisures V.I.P. Worldwide

    Yacht rental and management, private plane rental, car rental, venues for events, villas, chalets in the mountains, provision of household staff, chefs...
  • Bank V.I.P. special services

    Opening and management of accounts, financing files, "on shore" and "off shore" know-how, France and abroad.
  • Worldwide presence

    Our network ensures you an international service. Through our local partners you will benefit from the same services, wherever you are in the world, with the same quality.